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Antiquated Equipment Can Kill2003-02-01
Asphalt Roller Topples - Injures Driver2010-03-10
Auto Mechanics Risk Exposure to Hazardous Asbestos Dust2016-03-15
Automobile Air-Conditioning Refrigerants: Danger of Flammable Compounds2003-02-01
Avoid Side Loads2012-02-21
Battery Explosion Injures Worker2004-07-01
Blocking Stand Jacks2012-02-21
Bottle Jack Operators Must be Competent2012-02-15
Brick Wall Collapses During Manual Demolition2014-02-28
Cart Safety2004-06-01
Chainsaw Incident Kills Woodsworker2014-09-19
Cigarette Lighter Starts Fire2004-04-01
CO2 Exposure in Potato Barns2009-10-16
Confined Spaces: Recognizing the Danger2011-02-04
Daily Vehicle Hoist Inspections Must be Done According to Manufacturers' Specifications2010-09-09
Debris Caught in Dual Wheels Poses Hazard2014-06-30
Demolition Projects: Changing Workplaces with Changing Hazards2012-02-21
Don't Exceed a Hoist's Safe Working Load2012-03-22
Dump Truck Tailgate Causes Crushing Injuries2016-07-23
Electrical Injuries - Still Happening After All These Years2011-06-17
Electrical Pencil Testers Can be Shocking2012-11-23
Elevating Work Platforms Command Respect2012-04-30
Employees Working from Heights Need Fall Protection2011-02-09
Emptying, Filling and Moving Laundry Carts2015-12-23
Environmental Conditions Create Unsafe Working Situations2009-07-22
Exploding Hydraulic Piston Accumulator2014-07-03
Fall Arrest Equipment Must be Used According to Manufacturer's Recommendations2011-02-09
Falls from Stepladders can Kill2011-02-02
Farm Accident Kills Worker2010-04-01
Fatal Explosion and Fire in Service Station2006-12-01
First Line Break2013-08-13
Follow safe work procedures when starting ventilation systems after fires2017-08-22
Food Service Employees2015-07-30
Frozen "Mushroom Cap" Handle Traps Worker Inside Freezer2006-02-01
Giant Hogweed Can Pose Health Risk2011-08-04
Grinder Safety2012-03-29
Guarding on Lathes2010-11-01
Hazards of High Pressure Airless Sprayers2015-07-17
Heat Stress Can Kill2014-08-25
Hook Smashes Through Window, Strikes Worker2006-02-01
Internal Injuries from Ejected Lumber Lead to Fatality2003-02-01
Limbing, Bucking and Kickbacks2014-09-19
Load Binder Safety2012-02-20
Lock Out - Your Life and Limbs Depend on it2009-05-01
Mobile Crane Brake Failure Leads to Near Miss2012-11-23
Mobile Rolling Scaffolds are not for Transporting Workers2016-10-24
Nail Guns Can Injure or Kill2012-03-29
New Brunswick Worker Buried Alive2005-04-01
New Brunswick Worker Killed in Cable-Pulling Operation2007-05-01
Overhead Power Lines Pose Threat to Workers and Equipment2011-06-01
Poor Visibility in Forestry Operations Poses Great Risks2006-11-01
Powered Mobile Equipment Kills2009-09-22
Propane Leak Causes Workplace Explosion2014-02-20
Rebar Safety2013-04-16
Safe driving techniques around stockpiles2017-12-19
Safe Parking Procedures Prevent Accidents2016-07-22
Safe Practices for Product Delivery2004-04-01
Safe Use of Carpenters' Bracket Scaffolds2012-07-16
Safety Latches Save Lives2012-01-27
Scrapyard Worker Electrocuted2011-07-06
Seatbelts Save Lives2010-11-23
Sharing the Workplace With Industrial Lift Trucks2015-07-15
Skidder Accidents Injure and Kill Woodworkers2004-11-01
Slips and Trips on Arena Ice Surfaces2012-01-18
Soaker Pads Are Not Repositioning Aids 2013-04-30
Step in the Right Direction!2014-09-19
Supervisor Crushed Under Falling Wall Partitions2004-04-01
Supervisors Who Take Risks Set a Bad Example2011-02-03
Surviving the Cold2011-02-09
Tandem Lift Weight Limits Cannot be Ignored2012-08-17
Teamwork and Communication are Vital in Woodlands Operations2006-07-01
Tire Explosion Causes Life Threatening Injuries2012-03-22
Transporting Portable Compressed Gas Containers Safely2017-08-04
Trash Compactor Fatality2015-02-01
Water Boils After Pump Loses Prime2012-03-29
Waterblasting Injection2016-12-13
Woods Roads Driving Safety2004-01-01
Work on Live Fixture Causes Fatal Accident2009-12-23
Worker Burned When Metal Drum Explodes2012-10-25
Worker Dies After Being Struck by Hay Bale2009-05-10
Worker Dies After Being Thrown from the Basket of a Powered Boom Platform2011-02-09
Worker Dies After Falling from an Elevating Work Platform (Scissor Lift)2011-01-31
Worker Dies When Van Strikes Truck, Pinning Him Underneath2004-04-01
Worker Drowns While Boating Alone2011-02-01
Worker Fatally Injured in Rock Crusher Explosion2004-02-01
Worker Injured by Falling Through Hole in Roof2011-01-20
Worker Injured When ByPassing Safety Devices2003-02-01
Worker Killed During Brake Test2011-09-01
Worker Killed on Road Construction Site2014-09-19
Worker Killed When Ladder Touches Power Line2011-07-06
Worker Killed While Loading Dozer2010-03-10
Workers Crushed While Unloading Waste Container2005-04-01
Workers Electrocuted2011-06-17
Workers Killed on New Brunswick Roads2011-04-18
Working Outdoors: Do You Have Everything Under the Sun?2010-07-27
Yet Another Chainsaw Kickback Fatality2009-01-01
Young Worker Dies When Run Over By Truck2011-05-12
Young Worker Injured When Manual Pallet Jack Accelerates Down Ramp2016-08-15


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